Our Projects

Invested Projects

  • Gas Malaysia (Year Joined: 1992)
    Gas Malaysia operates the transport and distribution of natural gas and LPG in Malaysia. The total pipeline length is approximately 2,200 km, and the number of customers is approximately 39,000. Gas Malaysia and Tokyo Gas Group have had a long-standing relationship since the Gas Malaysia’s inception in 1992. In 1991, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. participated the Petronas-led project to launch Gas Malaysia.
    More info, please visit Gas Malaysia’s website: [Link]
  • LNG Vietnam JSC (Year Joined: 2016)
    Tokyo Gas Asia has established LNG VIETNAM JSC (“LNG VIETNAM”) aiming to conduct business activities such as LNG procurement, LNG sales, and LNG receiving terminal construction and operations together with PetroVietnam Gas JSC and Bitexco Group of Companies.
  • PVGD (Year Joined: 2017)
    PetroVietnam Low Pressure Gas Distribution Joint Stock Company (“PVGD”) is a subsidiary of PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation established in 2007 that runs gas distribution business in Vietnam. Tokyo Gas Asia utilises its technologies and expertise in demand development and introduction of energy-saving technologies to enhance PVGD’s business value.
    [PVGD’s official webpage: Link]
  • EPEC (Year Joined: 2016)
    Eastern Power and Electric Company Limited (“EPEC”) is a company that owns and operates natural gas and combined cycle power generation in Thailand. The output of the power plant (Bang Bo Power Plant) is 350,000 kW, and it started operation in 2003. Tokyo Gas Asia acquired 28 % of the shares in EPEC, and this marked the first achievement for Tokyo Gas Group to participate in power generation businesses in South East Asia.
  • GWHAMT (Year Joined: 2018)
    Gulf WHAMT Natural Gas Distribution Company Limited (“GWHAMT”) was established in 2015. Gas distribution to industrial clients in industrial parks began in 2018. Tokyo Gas Asia invested in GWHMT in 2018 through MITG (Thailand) Limited (“MITG”), a joint venture between Tokyo Gas Asia and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. This marked Thailand’s very first fully private natural gas distribution business targeting industrial users.
  • PT Panji Raya Alamindo (Year Joined: 2017)
    PT Panji Raya Alamindo (“PRA”) is a gas distribution company in Indonesia as well as a subsidiary of PT Rukun Raharja Tbk (“RAJA”). Tokyo Gas Asia utilises its knowledge and human resources in participating in the gas distribution businesses in Indonesia, and thus increases PRA’s business values.
  • PT Super Energy Tbk (Year Joined: 2020)
    PT Super Energy Tbk (“SE”) is a subsidiary of PT Super Capital Indonesia that runs gas distribution business. Tokyo Gas Asia acquired 33.4% of the shares in SE and also acquired approximately 18% of the shares in PT Energy Mina Abadi, which is in charge of the gas distribution business under SE.

Developing Projects

    Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd signed a Joint Cooperation Agreement with First Gen to formally join its proposed liquefied natural gas floating storage and regasification unit project in Batangas City in the Philippines. With the Joint Cooperation Agreement, Tokyo Gas and First Gen will transition to developing the construction of the Interim Offshore LNG Terminal, which includes converting the existing jetty into a multi-purpose jetty and constructing an adjunct onshore gas receiving facility.
  • Quang Ninh LNG Power
    In November 2022, Tokyo Gas established Quang Ninh LNG Power JSC (“QNLP”), together with its partner PV Power, COLAVI, and Marubeni. QNLP aims to conduct feasibility study for the LNG to power project in Cam Pha District, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam, which includes an onshore LNG receiving terminal and a 1.5 GW gas-fired power plant. The scope of the project ranges from the development, construction and operation of the power plant and LNG receiving terminal, and LNG procurement to selling electricity to Vietnam Electricity Group.